“Alan has done an amazing job helping me think in a completely different and more objective way. In helping me understand “why” I feel certain ways which has given me the ability to feel more comfortable with myself. This has ultimately improved and is continually improving my relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.”

Joe F, Financial Consultant

“If you’re looking for a traditional therapist, do not see Alan Ellis. If you want to sit on a couch, bemoan your problems for an hour and go home, do not see Alan Ellis. If you enjoy being asked “how does that make you feel?” Do not see Alan Ellis
However, if you’re looking for an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker with real-world, hands-on experience with mental health, you need to see Alan Ellis. If you’re looking for someone to provide you constructive feedback and reflections of your self, you need to see Alan Ellis. Do you want to develop a plan to grow out of your problems and become a better person? Then you really need to see Alan Ellis.
Do you need someone to be truly honest with you? Someone who doesn’t mince words and will get straight to the point? Then you have to see Alan Ellis.
This just scratches the surface of what is possible when you work with Alan Ellis. His passion for helping people is inspirational. His instincts and intuition are unbelievably precise. His ability to focus on what’s truly important and meaningful is uncanny. If you’re prepared to become a better person and discover your full potential, pick up the phone and call Alan Ellis now!”

James C, 31 years old